Team Talk

Week of April 4th

Enhancing PBL

This week's Critical Friends presenters are Chris Coffey & Natalie Zanzucchi-Washington.

We resume PBL Support next Thursday.

Honoring the professional standard of on time attendance is expected. Team members should be seated by 8:09 in preparation for an on-time start at 8:10.

Thank you for your commitment to becoming a solution-oriented, collaborative team committed to maintaining a positive environment that fuels risk-tasking and the pursuit of excellence in PBL.

2016-17 Staffing

Over the last three weeks, the district has engaged in the budget and staffing process. Under our new superintendent, we will adhere to class size ratio formulas to prevent overstaffing in order to maintain a balanced budget.

New Tech was slated to lose 5 teaching and 1 Media Clerk positions. I submitted a rationale to maintain three positions as follows:

  • Two teaching positions to facilitate Humanities integration as required of New Tech Network schools.
  • One position to maintain daily collaborative planning time.
  • The Media Clerk position was moved to a Computer Assistant Instruction position in Title I.

The 1 teacher to 25 students staffing formula was applied to determine whether the other two positions could be retained. Because we were able to maintain a core class size of 25 after reducing two positions the reduction decision was upheld. Student needs were assessed and the release policy applied to determine the staff members for release.

The notification process will be completed tomorrow. Team members impacted will be provided assistance with securing positions within the feeder and district.

Education 2020-The Classroom of the Future

I ran across this trend study that was conducted by Deloitte and Touche in 2014. Given that 2020 is merely six years from now, I thought it would be interesting to examine the anticipated future for our work. The study begins with a review of the classroom. Next week, we will examine the role of the teacher.

Step into the classroom in 2020 and see powerful forces at play. A global shortage of skilled talent propels career-focused learning. Virtual learning, digitization, and augmented reality have made our old definitions of a classroom obsolete. Evolving learning needs redefine what education means, who delivers it and how. Students become teachers, learning from one another through project-based learning and self-organized learning environments. Education funding shifts to pedagogical approaches proven to work via real-world trials. Unbundled, personalized, and dynamic education is the new normal.

Digitized classrooms

Digital technologies pervade almost every aspect of the classroom, with enhancements such as desk-sized screens, tablets that track eye movement and thus attention, per- formance dashboards, object-embedded intelligence, and interactive whiteboards.

The maker classroom

3D printing makes its way into the classroom, allowing students to transform their ideas into actual models and test them, a practice already followed in manufacturing. 3D printing fosters creativity, innovation, and an interest in science and math. By 2020, the classroom has evolved into a creative space enriched by 3D printing, robotics, and real-time collaboration with community startups. billion in effort to put a 3D

Virtual laboratories

Students perform physical science experiments virtually, with nothing more than Internet access. While these applications can’t replace all real-world experiments, they can provide extra practice, guidance, and safety at a considerably lower cost. They also allow students to learn by making mistakes, sparking interest in the scientific method.

Classroom or playroom? Now it’s both

More and more schoolwork is game-based, allowing students to learn through playing, building, and discovery.

Education technology mash-ups

The mash-up of different technologies such as robotics, 3D printing, and programming results in big changes in education. Organizations emulate the approach of Play-i, which is crowdfunding its robot Yana (which stands for “you are not alone”). An interactive iPad app teaches kids to program the robot to perform simple tasks. The objective is to make kids the creators and directors, not just the consumers, of technology. Over time, kids will build their own complex tasks and moves for the robots and share them with the broader Play-i community.

The augmented classroom

Augmented reality (AR) applications become a common feature of interactive learning in schools, transforming a static learning experience into something immersive and dynamic. For example, instead of looking at diagrams in a book, a student learning about the human circulatory system points an AR-supported device at a classmate to visualize her heart beating.

Copyright © 2014 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved. Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

Leadership Opportunities

As we move into next year, one of the district's priorities is to ensure that every student is engaged in at least one extra curricular activity. Providing these opportunity will ensure our students feel a bond to the school and are engaged in positive extracurricular activities.

Each team member is expected to lead at least on activity. Next steps will be provides as move further into the semester.

2016 District Summer PD Plan

The district is moving to a differentiated professional development (PD) model. Teachers are expected to complete 14 hours of PD during designated windows in the summer. The new process will allow teachers to have autonomy by providing the opportunity to choose sessions based on needs. This year's summative evaluation rating will be used to determine which categories teachers will fall. The categories are as follows:

  1. 3.5 Required and 10.5 Choice
  2. 7 hours Required and 7 Choice
  3. 10.5 Required and 3.5 hours Choice

Teachers who complete the required 14 hours of PD will be off August 10th and 11th. Those who fail to complete the hours in the summer are required to attend PD at a district designated location on August 10th and 11th. Individuals who fail to attend training on the 10th and 11th will be docked.

The PD catalogue will be available for review via Schoolnet in April. Registration will open in May. Ms. Sorey and I will meet with you in May to document the sessions you plan to attend this summer.

Events On the Horizon

April 11 Inclement Weather Day Staff/Student Holiday

April 12-15 Student Perception Survey

April 16 Incoming 9th grade Assessment Center

April 21 An Evening for Africa 5:00-7:00

April 22 Senior Lock-in 12:00pm-6:00am

April 28 11th Grade Dept. of Labor Field Trip 9:00-1:00

April 29 EOC Lock-in 5:00-8:30

April 30 Intramural Soccer Tournament 9:00-2:00

May 2 EOC Biology (Results Return June 3, 2016)

May 3 EOC Algebra I (Results Return June 3, 2016)

May 3 AP Spanish

May 4 EOC US History (Results Return June 3, 2016)

May 4 AP Lit and Comp

May 5 AP Calculus

May 6 AP US History

May 6 9th Grade Skating Fundraiser 7:30-10:00

May 9 AP Biology

May 10 AP Government

May 11 AP Lang Composition

May 12 AP Macroeconomics

May 12 A Night at the Museum 5:00-7:00

May 14 Senior Class Prom

May 16-20 Senior Exams

May 17 AVID Students Present at Wilmer-Hutchins E.S.

May 20 Senior Class Picnic

May 21 Baccalaureate 9:30 AMS New Tech Auditorium

May 21 Parent Appreciation Breakfast 10:30 AMS New Tech

May 23-24 Senior Capstone Project Showcase

May 25 JA Financial Park Field Trip for Seniors 9:00-1:00

May 25 Field Day

9:30-12:30 Field Day by Advisory (Students begin day in Advisory)

12:30-2:00 In and Out Burger

2:30-3:30 Staff/ Student Basketball Game

3:30-4:30 Ice Cream Social

May 26 Awards and Move Up Ceremony

9th Grade Awards 9:45-10:45

10th Grade Awards 11:10-12:10

11th Grade Awards 2:05-3:05

Move-up Ceremony 4:00-4:40

May 26 Senior's Last Day

May 27 ACP Exams (1st and 2nd) Full Day of School

May 30 Memorial Day No School

May 31 ACP Exams (5th and 6th) Full Day of School

June 1 ACP Exams (3rd and 4th) 1/2 Day of School

June 2 ACP Exams (7th and 8th) 1/2 Day of School

June 2 Graduation Rehearsal 12:30

June 3 Teacher Work day

June 6 Graduation Ellis Davis Field House 7:00PM-8:00PM

June 6-9 Early Start 9:00-1:00

DeVeaux's Schedule

Summer PD Site Tour

Tuesday, April 5th, 8:15-9pm

AMS New Tech

Feeder Pattern Meeting

Wednesday, April 6th, 9am-12:30pm

AMS New Tech

ILT Meeting

Thursday, April 7th, 8:15-9am

Room 348