Junior High Journal

News and Happenings in the Junior High Department!


7th Grade Updates and Reminders! 10/3-10/7

  • Chromebooks should be charged every night to ensure the battery lasts throughout the day!
  • Water bottles should be stored in lockers at all time. Students can ask to get a drink if they are thirsty, but with our new Chromebooks, water bottles are not allowed in the classroom.
  • Check Skyward and the homework calendar frequently for missing and current homework assignments, talk to your child about their work.
  • Please remember that although you can email your students, absences and early pick-up information must be reported through the office. Please call the Yorkville School office.

Junior High October Parent/Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Oct. 12th, 4:30-8pm

18621 Washington Avenue

Union Grove, WI

This is a by-invitation only parent/teacher conference. An invite will be mailed to you with information about the conferences and which teachers would like to speak with you and your child. This is our chance to meet with new families and address any early student concerns.

We will welcome all students and families at our November 16 & November 21st conferences to sum up the first trimester.

Character Education: Growth Mindset

This week we learned having the correct attitude that embraces challenges. Next week, our mindset focus quote is: "With effort and determination, I can succeed!" Believing in yourself is a BIG deal in the growth mindset. Many children suffer from low self-esteem and are afraid to try if they think it might result in failure. The mindset of failure, results in failure. Consider banning the words, "I can't" from your home. Trade them for the words "not yet". Practice positive self-talk with your children.

Individual Class Updates

ELA News and Updates

Carolyn Heiar

carolyn.heiar@yorkville.k12.wi.us missheiar.weebly.com

This week in 7th grade ELA, we continued with our novel the Outsiders and were able to read Chapters 7 and 8. This week we talked about some of the famous quotes in the Outsiders and analyzed them. The kids really dove in and had some great, higher order thinking things to say. In grammar, we continued to work on common and proper nouns and created “Fakebook characters” to apply what we know. For writing we related certain things in the book to our own lives such as heroism and staying gold. It’s awesome to see the kids connect what is happening in the book to their own lives. For homework, make sure to read a chapter or more in your free reading book and complete the book talk on google classroom by next Wednesday! Enjoy the gorgeous fall weather this weekend, see you Monday!

-Ms. Heiar

Math News and Updates

Mary Niccolai mary.niccolai@yorkville.k12.wi.us

Becky Seitz becky.seitz@yorkville.k12.wi.us

Pre Algebra spent the week working on Integer Exponents and Order of Operations. Two concepts that will be used throughout the year. We will complete our quiz on Monday & then begin work on Scientific Notation with both negative and positive powers. You can expect that your child will normally have a quiz once every week or every week-in-a half. Have a good weekend!

Mrs. Seitz

Algebra wrapped up Unit 1A. We ended the week with a unit review. On Monday they will take a pre test to help prepare for the test, which will happen on Tuesday. We will probably take two days to complete the test. Our next unit will focus on equations and functions. This is an important building block for future units so we will spend some time on modules 4 and 5. Please check skyward for updated grades. Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Niccolai

Science News and Updates

Erin Weis erin.weis@yorkville.k12.wi.us

In science class, students learned what living organisms need to survive and learned what the five major molecules are that make up the chemical building blocks of life. Students learned why living things need food, water and air and we will go into more details of the chemical reactions that happen in the coming chapters. They took a quiz on the second and final section of the chapter and are preparing for their test on Monday. Students finished out the week changing the lyrics of one of their favorite songs to lyrics that describe one of the topics of our chapter. We continued to talk about test taking strategies and study skills to help students be successful on their assessments. Please check skyward and remind your child to turn in any missing or late work before the assessment is taken.

Enjoy the beautiful Fall weekend!

Mrs. Weis

Social Studies News and Updates

John Johnsen john.johnsen@yorkville.k12.wi.us

John Johnsen john.johnsen@yorkville.k12.wi.us

This week in U.S History we complete a portfolio project over Chapter 10 and started looking at Chapter 11. In lesson one we will discuss the Industrial Revolution and the impact that it has on the United States. We will look at the factory system and the use of machines to improve production. Next week we will finish looking at the Industrial Revolution and the start of people moving west and the different transportation that was used. Have a great weekend. Mr. Johnsen

Spanish News and Updates

Katy Morrow katy.morrow@yorkville.k12.wi.us

¡Hola! This week in Spaninsh students really got into their "Saludos" or greetings-unit. Students learned how to ask and respond to the questions, "How are you?" and "Where are you from?" We began writing our rough drafts for our final conversation and finished up the week playing a review game on pronouns, correct ways to address adults vs. peers, and spelling of particular words. Have a great weekend!

Physical Education and Health News and Updates

Amanda Peterson amanda.peterson@yorkville.k12.wi.us

This week in health the 7th graders selected groups and topics in order to begin their first project, which will be a newscast on unintentional injuries. The students were busy collecting facts, tips, and statistics to put into their entertaining, yet helpful newscasts. Next week I will meet with each group to help make revisions and additions.

This week the 7th graders completed their Fitnessgram test with the sit and reach test (flexibility) and the pacer test (cardiovascular endurance). While they were not testing they also had the opportunity to play team handball, basketball/volleyball, and prison. Have a wonderful fall weekend!

Mrs. Peterson

Band News and Updates

Mike Beix



The Advanced Band has begun working on new music for our Winter Concert on December 15.

The band will be performing at the Veterans Day Assembly at Yorkville School on Friday, November 11 at 9:45am.

Don’t forget to check out the band website (tinyurl.com/yorkvilleband) to stay informed with calendar dates, current band news, and helpful online resources.

Choir News and Updates

Carly Kreuscher



The students continue to work on pieces for our upcoming concerts. They continue to make lots of progress! There will be a November performance on Tuesday November 15, 2016 at Union Grove High School, 6:30pm. We will be performing in the Performance Center with Choirs from Nash Elementary in Kenosha.

I have added a “What’s New” page to my website and will be posting a monthly newsletter. Included in the newsletter will be Upcoming Events, Notes from the teacher, What we are learning, songs we are singing, and a “Did you Know” column. Stop by and check it out!!! http://yorkvillemusic.weebly.com

There are still some students with missing handbook slips. The signed portion of the handbook was due Friday Sept 23rd. Let’s try to get the remainder of them in asap!!

Art News and Updates

Dana Herman dana.herman@yorkville.k12.wi.us

Mrs. Herman is currently on maternity leave after having her daughter, Audrey Jean, on September 7th! She will be back sometime in December!