By Kylah Nguyen

How Does the Charity Help?

Redcross strengthens emergency preparations for response and recovery. Redcross improve people's social lives, bringing them into the community. Redcross provides migration towards refugees, asylum seekers and immigration detainess. They go by international humanitarian laws by help reduce weapons in less fortunate countries.

How can People help this Charity?

You can help this charity to save more people by making a monthly donation such as money or even blood. You can have a buisness partnership with Redcross. Helping or even joining the Redcross organisation can help this charity. Becoming someone who donates needs is also a good way to help Redcross charity.

What is their latest Project?

Redcross has been to barren and developing areas teaching the people there to learn more cooking skills to eat well.This charity have also been fixing the broken prison system as well Redcross has visited flooded areas ensuring that the people can have access to information and service areas. Redcross has been giving safety to places in diasaterous zones.