H2C2B Team

News from the North Hall

Student-Led Parent Conferences

We hope that you will be able to join us at school on Wednesday, Oct. 1 for Student-Led Parent Conferences. Students who take responsibility for their learning make more progress than students who do not. This year, your child will explain his or her progress to you while showing you the results of his/her first quarter tests and assignments. Teachers will be on hand to answer questions and schedule one-on-one conferences if needed.

Conferences will be held from 10:00- 3:00 with a lunch/recess break from 11:45-12:30. Each conference should last about fifteen minutes. You can let us know when to expect you by clicking on the green icon below (available in email version only) or sending a note to your child's teacher.

See you on the 1st!

Word of the Day Test is Next Wednesday

Each morning we introduce a new vocabulary word to our homerooms. Throughout the course of the day, we use the word or forms of the word. Next Wednesday we will take our first Word of the Day test. The kids have been told to bring their Word of the Day folders home and review the words. In case your child forgot his/her folder a copy of the Word of the Day notes he/she can check them out on our website at http://hoseyland5.weebly.com/h2c2b-team.html.

Frequently Asked Questions

Homework Policy?

Math: Every night except Friday.

Science: Check agenda

Social Studies: Infrequent. If there is homework, it will be mentioned in the weekly newsletter.

Reading: Every child should read at least 20 minutes each night.

Writing: Very rarely will your child bring home writing homework. On occasion, Mrs. Hosey will ask a child to finish/continue a writing piece at home. This only happens if the child is willing and feels confident that he or she can do so successfully.

Recess: We have recess immediately following lunch. If a child has misbehaved or owes work, he or she reports to a stay-in room.

Agendas: Most of the teachers on our team do not use agendas in class. If a child is especially wonderful or unusually ill-behaved, a teacher will comment on the Parent Communication Form in your child's homework folder.

PCSing? ETSing?

If you are leaving Lincoln, please contact Ms. Mitzi (640-1212) to start the paperwork ball rolling. We want to make sure we have your child's records and work samples in order.

What We Are Teaching

Reading: Each of the reading classes is working on synthesizing text. This means we are reading two pieces of writing (stories/articles/plays/poems, etc.) and using information from both, to answer questions. This is a great skill to have since you use it when you research any topic whether it be educational or recreational.(What's the best gaming system to buy?)

Math: The math classes continue to work with adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals.

Writing: Students will write their first comparative/contrast essay of the year. This time out the topic is Pet Rats vs Wild Rats. (It is in our Storyworks magazine. Mrs. Hosey does not like rats of any kind.)

Social Studies: Ms. Cannon sent out a homework flyer on Thursday (yesterday). Businesses are opening in Classroom City on Monday. Business owners need to have a sign made for the occasion. See note for details.

Science: Students will study cells and compare animal cells to plant cells.

Daddy Daughter Dance/ Spaghetti Supper

Friday, Sep. 19th, 6pm

4718 Polk Rd

Fort Campbell, KY

If you do not pay in advance (flyers went home again this week), you may pay at the door. Our PTO has a Facebook page. Like it if you want updates on all their activities.