Global Warming: Human's Demise

Human's footmark on Earth

Jose Daniel Duque

What is it?

It refers to the continual increase in temperature levels and that causes it has. There are many causes for Global Warming such as pollution from cars. CFC's also had a great contribution to Global Warming which opened a hole on the ozone layer. Global Warming has always been a natural issue, but with human contribution it has accelerated in an enormous rate that can be lethal for us.

How do they tie in.

Global Warming affects Earth as a whole, not only does it impact the land by covering it with water changing the demographics of continents and swallowing whole islands. It also changes the ocean itself destroying the environment and probably killing many species of aquatic life. Global warming also destroyed the ozone layer increasing levels of UV rays which can cause cancer.
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Impact on Land

Global Warming causes many impacts on land, especially in terrestrial environments. A major change of 4 degrees celsius would cause major extinctions throughout the world. Rising Water is also an issue since sea level land will be completely submerged in water such as the image above. There will be less rain in tropical regions of the world which will affect the environment. Since there is a lack of severe winters some species of animals are surviving more causing an instability in the wild fauna. Many of the effects caused by Global Warming are irreversible and extremely catastrophic if not dealt with previously.
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Water Impact

As there are terrestrial impacts, global warming does indeed affect the ocean in many ways. First of all the ocean is acidified meaning there is a change in the overall PH of the ocean. This will calcify organisms killing them and changing the environment. Another impact is an increase in the El Nino event since the ocean temperatures are also changing. As more fresh water melts into the oceans, this also changes ocean currents. This is due that the ocean has a certain degree of density, as more fresh water is introduced the salt water looses its density changing ocean currents completely, which will cause a serious major change that will change life on earth completely.


1. At what degrees celsius will global warming cause mass extinction?

2. Why do you think people are not trying to solve global warming?