Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany, 1879 meaning he isn't an American citizen yet. Rather, he grew up in Germany with poor grades in language arts, history and geography, but was very intrigued by mathematics and sciences. At the age of 15, Al left left school and moved to Milan with his family, where he attended 4 years of education at the Federal Polytechnic Academy in Zurich. He studied heavily in physics and maths, and graduated in 1900. His papers about molecular dimensions gained him a PhD at Zurich, and became one of Europe's leading physicists. In 1916, he published his findings on the theory of relativity, which expressed that gravity was a curved field in the space-time continuum. Two years later, British scientists photographed a Solar eclipse, and their calculations proved Einsteins' theory correct. He received the Nobel Prize in 1921 for this theory. Through the 20's, Einstein spent most of his time working on another theory that ended up as obsolete. In 1933 when Hitler rose to power, Einstein left Germany and emigrated to America. There he resided in New Jersey, talking with colleagues about his unified field theory and relaxing at home for almost 20 years. He took no part in the nuclear sciences and the development of the atomic bomb, and died in 1955 while he was asleep.

Impact in Science from 1900-1930

-Albert's work lead to the development of Nuclear Weapons

-The theory of relativity added a new perspective on the way things work in space

-One theory he worked on from 1920 to 1929 that didn't even work

Who Was Albert Einstein

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