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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a poster that you can scan by using the Layar app. It will bring up links, videos, and pictures according to the subject of your poster. We think it looks 3-D. It turns your paper poster digital!

Silent Film

Silent Films are films that are made in black and white and have no voices. You can also add effects, music, and different speeds. We use the app Vintagio. When our group gets together to make silent films, we don't really have any idea what we're going to do, but using our imagination helps a lot. It also helps if you make your silent film on an iPad, because they are bigger and easier to take videos than an iPod.
Santa is Watching You!

Hand Drawn Animation

Hand drawn animation is like a digital flipbook. It's really fun to draw and see your finished product. We used the app Animator. You simply draw a picture and change it a little bit each slide. The slides are put together to show the flip animation.

Stop Motion Video

Stop motion video is an app where you take a bunch of pictures instead of using video. We used the app StopFreeAnimation. You move your image in your picture a little at a time. The pictures are put together to make it look like a video. Clay characters can be used to make a claymation video. It's also fun to do with baby dolls, barbies, staplers, and scissors.

Green Screen Video

This is a green screen video called "Hurricane Bob". "Hurricane Bob" is a made up hurricane news story that we used to interact with the green screen. There is a little swimming, a little before and after shot, and a little of your daily weather cast. We made this video in front of a screen that is green. You can take the video into iMovie and put anything that you want to behind you. We found out that if you are wearing green or yellow, it won't work.

Logo Maker is a free website that allows you to create personalized logos. There are many fonts and images built in to the program. You can also upload your own images to create your logos, but if you want to get images without copyright you can go to We used this site to create logos for our own Google Sites.You can make them about anything! Making logos is really fun!

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