4th Grade Memories

Nicole and Bailee!!!!!!

Mrs. Voigt are amazing teacher! :)

Dear Mrs. Voigt,

We will all miss you all the other teachers. You are a great teacher and we will never forget you. We are very excited for your little baby girl (you should name it Bailee or Nicole.) That baby will be lucky to have mom like you:)!!!

Your #1 students,

Bailee and Nicole


We love science because it is fun to do experiments and learn fun things like the nervous system and the solar system. At Mrs. Moran's class we watched a video of a brain being dissected. It was kind of gross. Mrs.Voigt did not teach us science. We love science. but she did do soc.st we will miss you!


Guidance is always so fun because we learn and play games on lifelong skills. We learn to not have drugs because are unhealthy. It also gives us info on behavior and how to be nice to others. Mrs. Wilson can always make everything very fun no matter what it is. She also never assigns homework, which is awesome. I love guidance!


Mrs. Lueck told us that there were going to be solo try-outs and we both love to sing. We got to sing really fun songs. Our favorite songs were Sir Duke and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Mrs. Lueck made everything so fun. We also did fun dances. Choir was so fun.