7th Grade Science

Weeks of 9/12 + 9/19

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YAY for Biology!

We have officially begun our life science unit. We've finished discussion of biological hierarchy and will now focus on cells.

>>>Cell Test Friday, 9/23

>>>Organelle Poster Due Tuesday, 9/27
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Standards, Essential Questions, + Big Ideas

NC Essential Standard 7.L.1

Essential Questions:

  • Why is a dog considered a more diverse organism than a pond organism like an amoeba?
  • How could organelles be compared to parts of your school?
  • What factors do you think make you “alive”?

Big Ideas:

  • Variation in organisms is linked to the type of reproduction it undergoes.
  • The function of organelles maintains homeostasis in cells.
  • The characteristics of living organisms.

Tentative Schedule

MONDAY (9/12)

CW: Cell Theory

HW: Finish CW (Discovering Cells Review + Reinforce)


CW: Prokaryotes + Eukaryotes, Organelles Foldable; Go Over Hierarchy Quiz

HW: Finish CW (Looking Inside Cells Review + Reinforce)


CW: Organelle Bingo + Organelle Discussion (cont'd), Plant and Animal Cells, Labeling + Coloring the Cell

HW: None


CW: Organelle Bingo + Cells (cont'd)

HW: None


CW: Cells WebQuest

HW: None

MONDAY (9/19)

CW: Protist Discussion + WebQuest Continued

HW: Begin Study Guide (due Thursday)


CW: Compare + Contrast Plant and Animal Cells, Cell Coloring Sheet

HW: Continue Study Guide


CW: Microscope Lab

HW: Continue Study Guide (due tomorrow); Review for Test Friday


CW: Review Sheet + Possible Activity

HW: Study for Test


CW: Cell Structure + Function Test; Organelle Wanted Poster

HW: Finish Organelle Wanted Poster