Merry Christmas!

Team Better Beauty

Thank you all!

I just want to say Merry Christmas to you all and give you my heartfelt thanks for your support, prayers and hard work this year! We have come so far as a team in such a short time and I am so grateful for each and every one of you. It doesn't matter if you sold $10,000 in product or $0, you have made an impact and are sharing your knowledge and support for the Beautycounter mission, so for that I thank you.

I have been selling for Beautycounter now for 10 months and I cannot believe where this journey has taken me. I have rekindle old friendships, made some amazing new friends, and gone back to my passion which is working for change. If you didn't know, I love the legislative process, and have worked for campaigns for farmers, and health care, but this one takes the cake! I am so thrilled to have all of you on this journey with me.

We are making history right now, we are part of something bigger than ourselves here. Think of all the historic campaigns we have read and heard about throughout our lifetime. Just knowing these laws have not been updated since 1938 is an incredible statement about who we are as women, wives, mothers and friends. We stand for change and together it will happen.

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Just a couple notes...

Canadian Launch! Super exciting, be sure to reach out to your friends there so we can share our love of Beautycounter. This weeks newsletter came out with several dates in Canada over the next few months for pre launch events. Be sure to send your friends!

Canadian Pre-Launch
Toronto, Ontario - January 26
Four Seasons Hotel

Kelowna, British Columbia - February 1
Wine + Art Bistro and Wine Bar

Calgary, Alberta - February 2
Hotel Arts Calgary

Edmonton, Alberta - February 3
Ampersand 27

Vancouver, British Columbia - February 10
Opus Hotel Vancouver

Also Leadership Summit will be a blast!!! If you are able to join us, please do! Laura has planned an amazing Team Dinner for Thursday Night! You can purchase your ticket, and RSVP here:

My wish for you

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday with your Family. Please let me know if I can help out in any way with our final week of the year.

I have a New Years Eve afternoon event for clients to have their makeup done for a night out....I am excited.

Keep up the good work, Gregg's incentive for $50 in product credit is amazing and I am certainly going for it! I mean who couldn't use giveaway items, for treat a friend or even yourself for the New Year!!! I can help if you need it, I suggest after Christmas to follow us with re orders, people who got Gift Certificates, or Holiday gifts to ensure they know how to use the products. If you gave any gift certificates away, that would be the time to encourage a New Year Resolution swap.

I hope these tips help! But most of all Merry Christmas!!!!


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Merry Christmas with Love, Jon, Ash, Graiden, Mason & the Chickens

Ashley Insana