Coding in Middle School

Should students in middle school learn to code?

What is coding?

Coding is a complicated way to assign an action to objects in a game or in your computer such as creating a code to make a Microsoft power point slide to move to the next slide or to make character in a game move to the right. These actions can be made easy with coding websites that simplify these actions with blocks of code.

Why is coding important for students to learn a young age?

Coding is a great way for kids to learn a skill and prepare for the future. Coding allows students to plan a for a career in computer programming. Coding also provides a way for students to blow of steam by playing a game created by them. Coding is also useful for teachers by allowing them to create educational programs for their students to create a more exciting education

How much does it cost?

Coding is free unless you want to upgrade it's a good way to open up your mind to a more creative world