Scientific Revolution

John R 7th Period

What was the change?

The scientific method changed how people thought about the world around them. Scientist also started questioning their traditional beliefs about the universe. The scientific method uses observations and experiments to explain scientist theories on the workings of the universe.They used observation, experimentation, and special tools to discover the laws of nature

Who were the people ?

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton started building off of Copernicus and Galileo earlier work and used math to describe gravity as the force that keeps planets revolving around the sun. He also explained that this same force is what causes objects to fall to earth. He discovered gravitational force which is important to us even now . He established the three universal laws of motion and classic mechanics.

How did the change impact society at the time ?

People started questioning everything and using the scientist theories about the world around them . Scientific revolution changed living conditions for the people. Other things were, it raised questions about if these theories were real or not . It also brought up new ideas for people to make new inventions. Also the science part of it didn't go with what the bible said. They were also learning more about mathematics, physics, and chemistry .

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

To begin with , Galileo's invention on the telescope was important because we still use it and now we learned how the planets order is . We also know that Galileo's theory was wrong and that Kepler was right that tides were caused by the moon. Also we still use Isaacs discovery of gravity which is very important . We still use Kepler's discovery of the planets order so now we know all the planets order and we use the telescope to find out all of this. There discoveries helps us in modern society .

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