Internet Searching (reliability)

Checking websites for reliability

Validating Information on the Web

You first need to look who is the author, second if the information is useful to your topic, third you need to look for when it was updated. After you need to look if there is any links that let you to other webpages and last you need to check the URL extentions.
What Is Cloud Service Reliability?

What is reliability ?

Reliability is when a program or a source of information is true and to see this you need to check for the author and if it is a webpage that is reliable or not, if it is you can start to check for information for what your working on.

What is Validity?

Validity is when a program or a webpage is a valid webpage or valid program, this means that the page or you bought it or someone that has the power validated it.

The Internet Search techniques*

Have fun and make sure you always check if a webpage is reliable