Wednesday. August 30, 2023


Thank You- Thank You- Thank You!!!

The Hawley Spirit was reignited as Teachers, Staff,

and Students were together again.

We are just a building until Students and Staff are TOGETHER,

then we are a SCHOOL!

Day 1 is in the books. How terrific it was to be back at school, even though it began with rain (but like a wedding, that is Good Luck) The energy was high as was the enthusiasm. Smiles Galore!!

It was great seeing old faces and meeting new friends to Hawley. Classes established expectations. Classmates got to know each other. We learned our way (back) around the building, and all was right with the world.

Here's a little snapshot of our day!!!!!

~ The FIRST Bus of the Year ~

Big picture

~ Our Classes ~

~ This Says It All ~

Big picture

Out of the Mouths of Babes....

Mr. M walked around all day making sure everything was terrific,

that everyone was where they needed to be,

and that everyone had what they needed.

" Hi, Mr. M " said a 3rd grader

" Hello " replied Mr. M

" Seeing you a lot today " added the student

" I am walking around to check on things " Mr. M shared

" Is that what you do all day, just walk around? " inquired a new student to Hawley

~ We're Just Gettin' Started ~

Big picture