Multiplying and Dividing Decimals


Multiplying Decimals: Easy Steps

An easy way to multiply these decimals is to forget there is decimals and multiply the old fashion way a.k.a multiply it the usual way and then count the how many numbers are behind both decimals and then you know there is a decimal after a whole number so you move the decimal right how many numbers after the decimals in the problem and you get your answer!!!!!!!!!! Isn't multiplying decimals awesome and easy?!!?!!!!?!!!

Dividing Decimals : Easy Steps

Dividing decimals is easy once you get to learn it is easy , so first you ignore the decimals and divide directly then you look at the two number and divide the divisor ( A divisor is a number that breaks the dividend so in the problem 54 divided by 6 , 6 is the divisor ) from the dividend ( a dividend is the number you want to break up so for example in the problem 12 divided by 3 , 12 is the dividend ) and then you divide. Count the numbers behind the decimals and then move the decimal at the end of your answer right and there you have it your new answer!!!! DIVIDING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Decimals Rap
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