Watershed & Ocean Ecosystem

By: Salu Poudel

Oil Spills

Oil spills are usually caused because the people make mistakes or they are careless. When oil spill happens it can kill/injured birds, fishes and other animals that live in water then sometime in the clean up process. Dawn dish soap non-profit organization help to rescue and release animals that have been affected by oil spills.

Over Fishing

Overfishing is catching too many fish at once, so the breeding population becomes too depleted to recover. As a result of prolonged and widespread overfishing, nearly a third of the world’s assessed fisheries are now in deep trouble. In 2006, Congress once again strengthened the Magnuson-Stevens Act by requiring fisheries managers to abide by the recommendations of scientists in establishing annual catch limits that do not allow overfishing.


Phosphorus from fertilizer can cause algae to form in lakes and ponds, killing fish by taking their oxygen. Oxidized nitrogen, a byproduct of synthetic fertilizers, also increases smog, which may be related to higher incidence of respiratory illness and asthma. But it provides nutrients like nitrogen, fertilizers help plants thrive despite the threat of weeds and disease and Organic fertilizers will reduce erosion and keeping soil well hydrated.

Air Pollution

The cause of pollution is by burning coal, fossil fuel and other things. Air becomes polluted when it contains substances which can have a harmful effect on the health of people, animals and vegetation. Emission testing check if your car is putting too much carbon dioxide and if you don't pass you can drive your car because it putting too much pollution

Offshore drilling

Offshore drilling destroy coral that fishes live in and other creature that live in the ocean and their will be potential oil spill in that area. The humans sink ships to put as artificial coral so the fish have a home.