John Rolfe

By Megan mikesell


I know a lot about jonh Rolfe I could tell you about him. John Rolfe was born looking for Aventure. John Rolfe tobacco plant help bring money to Virginia. John Rolfe Married chief Powhatan daughter , Pocahontas. John Rolfe Lived Life of success.

John Rolfe early like.

In this paragraph you will learn about john Rolfe early life. John Rolfe was probably Born in 1585. John Rolfe Was the son of a landholder in norfolf England. John Rolfe arrived in Jamestown 1610. In June 1609,Rolfe and his wife sailed for North America aboard to see the venture. The ship was caught in a hurricane in the Caribbean and wrecked on one of the Bermuda island. The group finally arrived in Virginia near the Jamestown settlement in May 1610. Rolfe wife dies soon after there Arrival. John Rolfe grew up Looking for adventure.

John Rolfe help Break Spanish control over tobacco

John Rolfe help Virginia economy by planting tobacco he had brought from the West Indies. Before 1611 John Rolfe began cultivating tobacco seeds grown in the West Indies. When The new Tobacco was sent to England. It was greatly popular ,which help break the Spanish Control on tobacco and create stable economy for Virginia.Soon Settlers we're shipping tobacco To England and getting a lot of money for it. They planted it in the Gardens and streets of 1617 The colony was exporting 20,000 pounds of tobacco every year.john Rolfe grew a lot of tobacco and he was famous for the great taste.

John Rolfe's Family

John Rolfe got permission from chief Powhatan and the military governor of Virginia, Sir Thomas Dale, to Mary Pocahontis. Their marriage was on April 5, 1614. Their marriage kept Peace between the English setters and local Navy Americans for the next eight years. John Rolfe and Pocahontas had one son.John Rolfe and Pocahontis named their son Thomas he was boring and 1650. Their family took a trip to England the next year where there were welcomed because Pocahontis was a shining example Of the Navy Americans Who had been civilized and successfully accepted to England ways. Pocahontas became sick when she was getting prepared to come back to Virginia. She died in March 1617. Young Thomas


John Rolfe grew up locking for adventure.john Rolfe was broun 1585. By 1617 the colony was exporting 20,000 plants of tobacco every year. When Pocahontas and John Rolfe got married it kept peace between the English setters.john Rolfe was successful for all he did.



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