American School of Math, Science, and Politics

Join one of the best international schools in the world that represents perfection at its finest

At the American School of Medicine, Science, and Politics, we strive to create a culminating, nurturing, and serene environment where our students can bloom in academics, fine arts, and sports and become better people. We set standards high to create one of the best educational systems in the world that gets minds ripe for elite colleges in the United States. We lead the world's finest educational innovations which are reflected in our rigorous and demanding classes. Our motto "veritas et virtus," which means truth and virtue, is shown on our crest represented by the glorious lion which represents dignity and honor.

A glance at life in ASMSP

You can always relax, work, and eat in your dorm which will be assigned to you based on your age. Walking down stairs will lead you to cafes and restaurants which will serve you a nutritious and delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that are cooked fresh everyday by our chefs. You can enjoy a scenic walk to your class or stop by our recreational facilities in your free time to take your mind off work. All our facilities our gated and secured 24/7. We emphasize freedom and independence but within limits.

Take a look at our beautiful town of Interlaken, Switzerland

"Creates a home away from home "

Why us?

We have the best instructors teaching at an equal student to teacher ratio. This motivates students to be the best they can be and achieve great goals. We have 3 main academic focuses which include medicine, science, and politics. Our school boasts one of the best fine arts program in the world with prestigious teachers and concerts that are astonishing. Our fine arts includes band, orchestra, dance, and theater. Along with academics and fine arts, we have sports that will include polo, water polo, cricket, soccer, football, golf, tennis, and lacrosse.


  • Our school is a year round to maximize effectiveness. We enforce a 45-15 plan which means that every 45 days, students have a 15 day break.
  • Classes are based on a 4 by 4 class schedule which means that students have classes 1-4 on day A, and 5-8 on the day B. The days alternate every day.
  • Classes are 90 minutes to provide a long span of attention for maximum knowledge
  • Our school focuses on medicine, science, and politics which ultimately gets our students ready for the American colleges


Preschool-kindergarten: $15,000

1-5 grade: $20,000

6-8 grade: $25,000

9-12: $30,000

These prices include housing costs, three meals a day, free credit toward on campus stores, field trips, recreational activities, and other benefits the campus offers

School Song and Colors

This song represents victory and determination. From the very start, the trumpets blare and declare victory over the students, representing courage and determination. When the tubas blast, they represent bravery and boldness which is the environment of our school. This song stands for everything our students stand for with a reinforced pride about ASMSP. This song is from Rocky which we do encourage our students to see because it also represents what our school stands for. Our school colors are blue and purple. The blue represents wisdom and intelligence and the purple represents royalty and nobility.


  • Every Friday we have an All-American day where students get to connect with American culture. We offer foods that express what America stands for on these days.
  • Every other weekend we have ski trips so the hard working minds can relax
  • We have 2 school field trips every year, 1 being out of country

We are ASMSP

Contact us 8 am through 5 pm Central European Time Zone