Better than Money in the Bank

Back yards an untapped resource

Extra Income Waiting to Happen

A foot print of 6.1m x 9.7m will get a 2 bedroom Cave Lock Kit home with everything you need to provide a regular income of around $180-$200 p.w. (based on average rents in Australian Capital cities)

With interest rates being so low its getting harder for pensioners to supplement their income with a term deposit. Many Australians are suffering with low interest rates and the cuts just keep reducing their Term deposit income, which many have been using to supplement the pension.

These inexpensive Back Yard Cave Lock Kit Homes could be the answer to having a safe investment with regular income.

Increase Your Income With No Risk Positively Gear Your Back Yard

Granny Flats start from less than $20,000 for a complete kit

Explore the options that our company can provide. Our products are exceptional value and we are a flexible company, that can tailor a solution for you. Steel construction has its advantages. It is termite proof, stronger, greener and easier. The kits can be almost fully installed by a handy man as they are pre wired and pre plumbed, reducing the need for trades. You only need the plumber and electrician on site for minimal time, saving you a lot of money in construction costs.

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Cave Lock Kit Constructions "A Better Way to Build"