Comparing my book that I am reading to greek Myths

ABout My Novel Holes

Holes is written by Louis Sachar. In Holes A boy named Stanley Yelnates in a poor family. He is sent to Camp Green lake for a crime he did not commit and has a choice of jail or camp so he chooses camp. Every day you are assigned to dig a hole 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide, which is supposed to build charater but i think there is a different reason they want them diging in an old dried up lake. Stanely does not enjoy the camp and wants to go back home. He meets new friends and enemies at camp, Stanley then found a bullet in the ground which he dug and a other camp mate X-Ray takes it and gets the day off and they begin digging more in that area whoich is not the original area Stanley found it, but no body knows that. Zero a camp mate runs away and then Stanley the next day runs away and tries to get him but he ends up finding a lot about his past...

Comparing Holes to Greek Mythology

In the book Holes there is a boy with a weird childhood and past that is very important just like in greek mythology like is Percy Jackson his family and his past is very different from normal people in life. Percy has a god for a father that left him at birth and goes on a quest where he loses his mom nad tries to get her back just like Stanley in Holes where he finds out about the bad luck of his grandparents and see the interesting history about his family and finds a great prize in the end.

Main Characters

Connections to Greek Mythology

Connection#1: In Holes MR. Sir is a big mean person, i found his very similiar to Zeus the god of the gods. He is very cruel and makes bad rules just like Mr. Sir does in Holes.

Connection#2: I find Zero to be very similiar to Hermes the Messenger of the gods, They are both strong fast and quick around everything.

Connection#3: In Holes Stanley goes out to the desert where Zero had ran to go get him and bring him back, just like in Orpheous and Eurydice, Orpheous goes to the underworld to go get Eurydice back after being sent there from dying from a snake bite.

Connection#4: In Holes there are yellow spotted lizards that run around and will kill people when they are bitten, In some Greek myths there is always a bad animal that kills. Like in Orpheous and Eurydice, Eurydice is bitten by a snake and dies.


Holes by zachderubeis