Dietary Guidelines

By: Zoe Wieneke

Build a Healthy Plate

-At dinner every night I will start making half of my plate fruits and vegetables

-I vary my protein food choices by eating changing the meat product I eat for dinner every night

Cut Back on Foods High in Solid Fats, Added Sugars, and Salt

-Instead of drinking a pop everyday after school I will start drinking water

-To cut back on foods high in solid fats I will start eating baked chips or whole grain crackers instead of tortilla chips or corn chips

Eat the Right Amount of Calories for You

-Everyday for the next two weeks I will keep track of how much I eat then determine if I need to eat more or less

-I do more cooking at home than going out to eat so I can keep track of whats in my food

Be Physically Active Your Way

-I will start working out on the days I don't have practice to keep getting 60 minutes of exercise a day

-I will start staying after practice to do extra if it isn't to 60 minutes