Articles of Confederation

Strengths and Weaknesses by: Camryn Ellis

Strengths of the Articles of Conderation

-It was a unified army for the army for the states

-set up a legislature where each state had one vote

-was able to build and control an army

-had the ability to deal with foreign countries on the behalf of the states

Weaknesses of the Articles of Constitution

-National government couldn't enforce laws so even if law was ratified, states could ignore them

-National government couldn't tax

-In order to pass a law, nine out of thirteen states needed to approve

-No executive or judicial branch

-Caused states to suffer economically, especially when each state began taxing to other states

-hurt trade

Reason for why I think the designers created a weak central government:

I think that the designers of the Articles of Confederation created a weak central government in order to allow states to provide laws for there own people in which the leaders think will best benefit them. The designers might have thought that the less people under a government, the easier it will be to represent everyone's wants, versus having one government that has to represent the entire nation.