Thomas Jefferson

The Renaissance Man

By: Sarah Thomas


"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." These are the words of a patriotic man, Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson did many good and bad things, and here are some. One of the good things Jefferson did was help with the Declaration of Independence. One of the bad things Jefferson did was own slaves. Another bad thing he did was force his slaves to build Monticello and live there. These were some things Jefferson did in his life.

Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson was very well involved with the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence and wrote 1,326 words. Jefferson also signed the Declaration of Independence, as a true patriot. In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson wrote,"All men are created equal." , even though he owned slaves. In the end, Thomas Jefferson was a true patriot in signing and writing the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson and slavery

One of the worst things Thomas Jefferson did was that he owned slaves. Thomas Jefferson owned over 200 slaves on his plantation at Monticello. Also, Jefferson trained slave children to make nails to build stuff. Another thing is that Jefferson had small shacks for the slaves to live in because Jefferson wanted to make money from the slaves hard work, not on their shelters. In conclusion, Thomas Jefferson had a dark side that involves slavery.

thomas jefferson and slavery

Thomas Jefferson was well known for Monticello, this reason is because his dark side was involved greatly with it. Jefferson worked on Monticello for 40 years, altering, changing, and enlarging it. Thomas Jefferson usually called Monticello an "essay in architecture". When Jefferson was done building Monticello, it was a "highbred" of French, Roman, and Palladian architecture. Jefferson's dark side may be involved in Monticello, but it is truly astonishing.


Thomas Jefferson did many things, good or bad, and there are some here that I will tell you. Jefferson was involved in the Declaration of Independence so well, he even wrote it. A bad thing is his dark side, which involved slavery. Another thing that is worse is that he kept his slaves at Monticello. Thomas Jefferson did many things ,good or bad, he did these things, for his country or for himself, he did them, with pride or with shame, he did them.