New Tech In Ten Years

Hover Board

The hover board is a new invention that actually flies. This is a wonderful invention still in testing and to be sold to public in a few more years. People are going to buy it and start using it the second it comes out, remember safety first.

Farthest flight by hoverboard - Guinness World Records

A Windowless Plane

Windowless planes are scheduled to come out in the next ten years. These are amazing planes and will allow a whole new traveling experience. They are coming out in ten years so don't expect it to come so soon.

Driverless car

Driver less cars are cars without drivers. Yes, this means that you don't have to drive all day and night watching the road having a bad time. this will be coming out in around five to ten years from now so dont try looking for it on amazon now. This new tech will change everyone's driving experience.

XBox 2

The Xbox 2 is a brand new collection to all the consoles and will be coming out in a matter of years. this is said to be the best console when it comes out. People have high expectations for it and so should you.


The Aero-X is a hovercraft that rides like a motorcycle. An off-road, off-the-ground vehicle. Powered by a rotary engine, this 2-man craft flies up to 10 METERS


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