WiLd'N 4 jEsUs!

Anthony program'

WiLd'N 4 jEsUs is a program I made to bringing individual young men together as one to brush of the devil & his temptations. Too, many of our young men being put in prison or, just hanging out in the streets being many didn't have a father figure or the right guidance. Well, my program will teach young men how to reach they full potential in ministry. At one point I use to dislike going to church simply because I didn't feel like I wasn't leaning anything, and by listening to others and they opinion about church. Well, by attending its program I will teach you that being on Jesus side you will always stay on top. We will also have plenty of events. Such as, basketball games, football, pool, gospel rapping & sing, and etc. So come join me & my team so we can all be WiLd'N 4 jEsUs! & FULL OF FIRE 4 JESUS!