America's Reconstruction

Help "U.S" Rebuild!

March, 1865

After the civil war, Abraham Lincoln brought "A new Birth of Freedom to America" as he has once said.

A little while after the Civil war, the South is torn to pieces! Dead Union and Confederate soldiers, destroyed land, houses, crops, all from the war! Abraham Lincoln has freed the slaves with the 13th amendment, but he can't forget that the South still needs to be brought back into the Union for all the States to become United once again.

In April, 1865, Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth and Vice President Andrew Johnson took the place of Lincoln. Andrew Johnson doesn't agree with the idea of freed slaves and civil rights.

But as the 14th and 15th amendments passed giving African Americans citizenship, and African-American men the right to vote, violent outbursts of the Ku Klux Klan in the South have been outrageous. They have been using terrorism in means of trying to get slavery back into the South and to stop the civil rights movement.

After many violent acts and riots against African-American emancipation, the nation is now rebuilt. The nations sweared an oath, promising to never betray the Union again, and they were back in the Union! Thanks to all of the Radical-Republicans, Civil rights supporters, and abolitionists of the past!

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