Something About Me

something I learned about myself this year

Working With Others

This year in 7th grade I learned about myself as a learner, alone and with others. I learned that I am quite impatient, and I don't like to waste time. I have learned to cope with bossy people and slow workers, Its not easy but I got there eventually. Also, Some things can be kept to yourself. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it. There's a solution for everything too, if there is a bossy person put a shy person in charge of something important. You may also not always have your way in these situations, don't let the people get to you. Don't lash out at others because you may be frustrated, just take deep breaths and sit back for a while.

Another thing I learned is not to be too controlling. Let others do things too and no matter how bad of a drawer or how bad there handwriting is depending on what your working on don't let them get to you, and don't get to yourself.