The Battle Of Berlin

The war to end all wars

Outcome for Battle

On April 16 the Soviet Union went to battle with Germany. The soviets first moved to the Seelow Heights that battle only lasted four days. Then they moved to the country south of Berlin. Once they got into Berlin early on April 29, Soviet troops crossed Moltke Bridge and began attacking the Interior Ministry. After capturing Gestapo headquarters later that day the Soviets pressed on to the Reichstag. Assaulting the iconic building the next day, they succeeded in famously hoisting a flag over it after hours of fighting. A further two days were needed to completely clear the Germans from the building. Hitler refused to leave the city with the Soviets coming in Hitler and his wife committed suicide. Germany surrendered on May 7

Information About The Battle

Monday April 16th 1945 to Wednesday May 2nd.

Berlin Germany.

soviet Union against Germany.

Russia plans on over powering and taking over Germany.
Germany wanted to keep their city .

Key Military Strategies

Germany: Heavily fortified by the Seelow Heights in Germany They avoid being surrounded.

Russia: Attacked north Berlin, USA attacks on the west side of Germany. Then they circled the city of Berlin.

Who Were The Generals Involved?

German General Helmuth Weidling- He was the commander of defenders in Berlin. November 2nd 1891- November 17th 1955

Russian General Georgy Zhukov- he lead the attack on Germany. December 1st 1896- June 18th 1974

Long Lasting Impact

Even though Germany surrendered and Russia won the battle many people were wounded and killed during this battle. More than 400,000 men died and more than 200,000 men were wounded. So to conclude even though Russia won the war they have to rebuild an army.