George Washington

1st President

Background Information

George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia on February 22, 1732. Washington hardship and struggles came from the National Debt but also to get the country off to a start on democracy. Washington and his family was very wealthy, Washington was schooled at home and at age 17 soon after he began his first job as a surveyor of Culpeper County, Virginia.

Career as a politician

Washington had inherited local importance from his family. His grandfather and great-grandfather had been justices of the peace, a powerful county position in eighteenth-century Virginia. His father had served as sheriff, church warden, and justice of the peace. His half-brother Lawrence had been a representative in the Virginia legislature from Fairfax County. George Washington's entry into politics was based on an alliance with the family of Lawrence's father-in-law.

Political stance

George Washington political stance was a Federalist which is the principle of a federalist party.

Contribution of his time

George built a large army. He helped established a firm government and improved on how the government worked. He also kept us from getting in to foreign nations' problems. He also contributed hi s crowning victory at Yorktown in 1781.

Was Washington a Good President

Washington was a good President because he was the First President, so therefore he had no assisting in help with any of his presidential ways. He also had no guidelines and tips during his whole terms. Which he was also not the most intellectual president in his term and he was the most leading and strong president.

Are the effects of his administration still felt today