How to limit sugar & Include Kids

Nutrition Diva and Get Fit Guy

Nutrition Diva

How to Limit Your Kid's Sugar without Starting a War

~ Set boundaries with your kids, kids will comply

~ Treat treats as treats

~ Learn to accept goodies to not be part of their everyday diet

~ Monitor how much sugar they are eating and don't be afraid to stop them

~ Moderation is key


Didn't give too many ways of dealing with your kids when they start to argue back, but her initial action of making treats a treat, I think works well. If you are teaching them to only think of cake and cookies for special occasions then they won't always argue with you. If you are giving them cookies everyday after school, you can suddenly change, because then they will argue.

Get-Fit Guy

4 Ways to Include Your Kids in Your Workouts

~ Kids need a minimum of 7 minutes of brief bout intense exercise, including a full day of being active

~ Kids will be with you on vacations, use them!

~ Parents and kids both get a work out

~ Don't forget to make it fun!

1. Use your kids as weights

2. Get in the pool

  • Great water exercises with your kids on your back
  • Finish with a splash contest

3. Play "Follow the Leader"

  • Walking backwards
  • Crawling
  • Hopping
  • Lunging
  • Balancing

4. Keep Your Creative Wheels Churning

  • Check other resources to continue to have fun

If you start out as an active family, this will be the norm for your kids!


I think he has a really good point and that including them will also allow them to see the benefits of being physically active. If you make it important to your family and fun, kids will always want to take a family walk at night or head to the pool.

You can incorporate this just about anywhere! Vacation, your home, Zoo, or a park.


These go hand in hand to begin to show the importance of eating healthy and being active. If you take away sugar from your kids and you don't implement why it's important, they will be upset with you. But if you show them you're serious about being healthy then a great way for them to see that is by getting healthy together and doing simple workouts together. Kids learn by modeling and if they see their parents living a healthy lifestyle they will join in.