Team WOOHOO! Shout-outs!

Meli's Team WOOHOO! Monthly Newsletter~ March 2015

How did we do?

We have 145 consultants, 6 senior consultants, and 4 directors! Downline Sales reached $33,822 in February. It was a rough month, but we pulled it off!

Announcements and Reminders

Top In Sales

Sales of $500 -$1000

Chastity Rice $606.50

Wendy Single $619.50

Sales of $1,000 and higher

Penny Sadler-Vocke $1009.50

Freddie Eklund $1025

Annetta Lidy $1245

I Think that deserves a


Welcome to the Team!

Teresa Griffith (Earned Start Swell Level 1)

Shelly Carroll

Happy Birthday!

Jennifer Day ~ March 5th

Wendy Single ~ March 15th

Meli Hartsoe~ Independent Senior Director~Thirty-One Gifts

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