Text Structure

4th Grade

I can identify text structure in a piece of writing


*cause and effect

*chronological order

*cause and effect

*compare and contrast

*problem and solution

Big picture

Descriptive Text Picture

Write a descriptive paragraph about the picture.
Big picture


There are many types of delicious foods that I eat at Thanksgiving. The first item that I love to eat is the golden brown turkey. It is my favorite food on the Thanksgiving menu! Moving right along, I enjoy eating creamy mashed potatoes and gravy. My taste buds go wild over these potatoes. The last food item that I love to consume is the green bean casserole. I just love the combination of green beans and those tasty crunchy Frencher's Fried Onions. They are the bomb! All this talk about Thanksgiving foods is making me hungry!

Chronological Order or Sequence Text

Look at the article and write a paragraph that is in chronological order. https://www.education.com/download/worksheet/114850/squanto-biography.pdf
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Text Structure Games

Digital Worksheets

Create Your Own Presentation on Text Structure

You can use either Buncee.com or the Linoit to create your own paragraph that shows one or more of the text structures we leaned.
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