Kite Project

kites are easy to make

Delta kite

This is a blue print of a Delta Kite

Facts about delta kites

  • delta kites are made up of only one triangle
  • A delta kite is also very simple to make
  • I think a delta kite would have a lot of value.
  • Delta kites are also very easy to fly

Images of a diamond kite, delta kite, and dragon kite

Flying kites are relaxing and enjoyable

How to fly a kite

  • Flying a kite is easy make sure you materials are not to heavy
  • Then make sure you are not next to anything that will damage you're kite
  • Fly in a open area with 4 to 12 miles per hour wind
  • you're ready to fly

Kites are the way to go

Flights are nothing without a kiite