River Bend Elementary School

Parking Lot Traffic Update April 22, 2016

Parking Lot Traffic in the Mornings

As you are aware you may use the drop-off lane in front of the school to drop off your child(ren) in the morning. Parents may also park in the parking lot and walk their child(ren) to the school building. We are still having a handful of parents drop off students in the parking lot allowing the students to walk themselves to the building. We have alot of traffic in the parking lot in the morning, and this is not safe for the students. Please ensure you either use the drop off lane or park and walk your child(ren) in each morning.

Parking Lot Traffic at Dismissal Times

We ask parents to park, come into the school, and sign out your child(ren). We need to ensure that we do not block the fire lane for a few reasons. By law, the fire lane must remain open at all times. We also need to keep that lane open for cars leaving the school. It is very important we do not have vehicles waiting in the fire lane for family members and students to exit the building.

Alternate Arrival and Dismissal Plans

The morning and afternoon traffic concerns have been discussed by parents and teachers at the RBES School Council meetings. We have also invited law enforcement and the RCPS Safe School Coordinator to RBES to observe the morning and afternoon traffic patterns, and they have offered advice and various ideas of how to manage the traffic if it continues to be a concern.

Ideas we are considering if the traffic patterns continue to be of concern for mornings:

1) Use cones to block one end of the parking lot not allowing traffic to pass through. This would force all traffic to park and walk students to the building.

Ideas we are considering if the traffic patterns continue to be of concern at dismissal time:

1) Completely block the traffic lane by the school. All cars would have to park in the parking lot.

These are just a few ideas we are considering. It seems most parents prefer the traffic patterns the way they are set up now.

Please help us with ensuring the safety of all RBES students by continuing to follow the established traffic patterns we have in place.

Thank you for your cooperation.