Richard Wagner

Alyssa Martin Music Appreciation Fifth Period

Basic Information

Richard Wagner was a German composer born on May 22nd, 1813 and he died February 13th, 1883. He was born in Leipzig in a Jewish Quarter. He was a composer that revolutionized opera through his concept of Gesamtkunstwerk. His compositions contained rich harmonies and complex textures. His parents were Johanna Rosine and Carl Friedrich Wagner. During his lifetime he was also exiled from his home country, Germany.
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More Information

He had two different spouses in his lifetime, one being Cosima Wagner and the other being Minna Planer. Throughout his lifetime he had two children, Siegfried Wagner and Eva von Bulow. His music also had an impact on western music. He had a very popular work called The Flying Dutchman. He thoroughly enjoyed the "student life" and enrolled at college at Leipzig University.
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Richard Wagner - "Tristan und Isolde", Prelude