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By: Karthik Kura

Dear Reader/Preface

Dear reader,

Today I’m going to be teaching you about the wonders and excitements that the SGSV(Svalbard Global Seed Vault) has to offer. The SGSV is a global international seed vault located in Norway and is primarily being used to restore humanity in case of a human apocalypse. The vault can also replace an extinct seed in case of a natural disaster, or other catastrophic event. The seed vault alone has over 3million seeds and is still growing which is estimated to hit 5million seeds by the end of this year. Hopefully my smore will be able to teach and give you a better understanding of the SGSV after reading it to you.

Expository Essay

The Doomsday Seed Vault by Karthik Kura

The Norway Seed Vault, preserved in the Arctic mountain is the first global seed vault that can hold over 2.25 million seeds and crops to safeguard the human population from becoming extinct in case of a world apacaoplyse.

Seeds that are being retained in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault(SGSV for short) are being kept below 18°C, keeping the seeds preserved for a maximum period of time along with a 24/7 security surveillance to keep the seeds safe.

Construction of the (SGSV) took over NOK(Norweigan krone)45million($9million dollars approximently). It is being funded by the Government of Norway and the Global Crop Diversity Trust. Primary Funding comes from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other genourous governments around the world.

The (SGSV) opened officially on Feb. 26th 2008 and it has the storage capacity to hold up to almost five million seeds! The seeds are packaged with delicate care in a special four-ply packet to keep the heat sealed to exclude moisture from the seeds. Some seeds are able to survive far longer than 1000's of years where some seeds can survive for a good 200+ years.

As of the 10th of March, 2010 the SGSV surpassed half a million seed samples. At around 2012, July, the number of seeds skyrocketed and reached 750,000. It is estimated to hit 1,000,000 seeds at the end of 2013. The seed vault is also rumored to hold up to five million seeds in total.

So,In conclusion, the (SGSV) located on the Norweigan island of Spitsbergan will act as a safe haven to millions of seeds around the world, prevented from complete extinction by natural or artificial disasters. The (SGSV) is the future for seeds all around the world, preserving a secure, sturdy bank against the catastrophes and misfortunes that the world will hurl at us.

Narrative Essay! :)

It was a warm,sunny afternoon in the state of California. Living in California was a loved and experienced couple named Adam and Sally. Adam is a confident yet shy guy, when he's seen in public without Sally, Adam's a stumbling mess. Adam is 6'1' with brown curly hair and has and always will be desperate for an adventure. Sally is 5'10" with blonde straight hair and has impaired vision, so glasses are required for her. If she's not wearing her glasses, things go from crystal clear to blurry as a bush. Sally can be insecure and moody when things don't go her way, and can sometimes be impatient. But don't get her wrong, she has a heart of gold and has always and will continue to be a caring wife. One day Adam went to the newly opened postal office, and decided to check his mail. When he took the turn to open the door, he accidentally ran into a short bald man wearing a leather jacket and semi permeable Gucci shades. The man and Adam fell flat to the floor. He tried helping him put his stuff together after falling out but insisted he helped himself. Adam left the man alone and ventured past him, like he asked.Later Adam met the treasurer of the postal office and told Adam that there was no mail, but one measly letter. The letter says that,"You are invited to spend 2days and 1night at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault located in Norway and will have a one way trip on the Majestic American Airlines to spend a romantic and yet intuitive learning experince in the seed bank." What also came in the letter was two golden tickets that had an all excess pass to the SGSV. Adam squealed and shortly after pasted a smile wider than a banana doing a split. Adam then went straight to there house and started packing his bags. Adam told Sally the good news, at first she was a bit skeptical about the whole idea but after a few short minutes of convincing she was on board! This would be Adam and Sally's first vacation as a couple and they were pumped. Adam rushed to his suitcase and started packing. Sally finished packing before Adam and after a short afternoon brunch with golden bread croissants and caviar, they were ready to roll. After approximently 12 hours, they arrived in Norway. After walking about half a mile in the Norweigan airport. Adam and Sally decide to take a break from walking and relax in the airport. Evantully Sally gently lays her head on Adam's shoulder as they watch the news. Recent reports say that there has been a chemical outbreak and a short bald man has been reported stealing a illegal toxin that has been turning plants into savage blood thirsty killers. After that brief news announcement, commercials came and decided that they should get up and find a hotel to spend the night in. Evantully, they found a 4star hotel to crash the night in and they would finally get some rest before taking on the SGSV Tommorow.
Morning came and things were already looking bad. As soon as they woke up, there hotel room was found destroyed. All there luggage has been dispersed. Clothes were scattered all around the floor, draws were all taken apart, closets were violently opened and Sally was freaking out. She started panicking and frenting all over the house. She suddenly stopped, and calmed down a bit. Sally and Adam found out that nothing went missing. Except the all access golden tickets. That was the only thing that went missing from there hotel suite. They shortly found a note saying,"If you want your tickets back, meet me at the SGSV at dawn, Sincerly X". Adam decided to go alone because he was worried about Sally. Sally agreed but Adam had a feeling she would'nt listen anyway.
Dawn came and Adam was at the SGSV like the note said. At first he didnt see anybody until Adam found a man lurking in the shadows. Adam realized it was the short bald man he met at the bank. And the man was holding something. Adam could'nt make out what he was holding but shortly realized it wasn't safe. The bald man whispered,"Run." Adam demanded his golden tickets back and promised he would leave than. The short man chuckled and told Adam,"The world is full of liars and thieves and if you believe for a single second that nobody will lie to you because you say the truth makes you the biggest fool the world has ever known". Adam was confused and just wanted his tickets back, but shortly realized that he's not gonna get them back without a fight. Adam dashed at the bald man and tackled him face down. When he fell to the floor, the toxin spilled all over and touched a seed. The seed started growing into a vicious plant eating monster. Adam got up on his feet and ran without looking back. As he ran he heard the bald man scream for his life. The bald man is probably being eaten by the vicious plant. Adam and Sally dashed home back to California never returning to the seed vault again. Adam explained to Sally that this entire trip was a lie and the "golden tickets" were more like "death wish tickets" and they were sabataged by the short bald man Adam met earlier. Sally told Adam to explain no more because she saw the entire thing. She said,"I couldn't just leave you to go out on your own so I followed you without you knowing." Adam and Sally gave each other big hugs and they realized that this trip was exactly what they wanted, a Romantic and yet learing experience for the both of them, And they lived happily ever after!

Seeds- By. Karthik Kura

Seeds are the size of a dime

Yet they make the world shine so fine

Like a flower, flowing through time

Planted to re-align the crime

Bear in mind that seeds can't be mine

Like the dragon's eye that cipher wants to find

But the rhyming in the lines can stop anytime

But the seeds growth is like god's love that WILL not stop at any size

Visual Element (front)

Visual Element (back)

MGP Choice Element

MGP Choice Element

Research Connections

Expository-The Expository essay comes from many articles and various stories I have found around the internet. These stories include many factual statements about the (SGSV) and include a depth of information. The seed vault is aiming to restore humanity or bring life back into seeds that have become extinct due to various natural disasters. The seed vault is also being called the doomsday vault because it is being used in case a global doomsday by natural disasters or any type or form of apocalypse occurs. The SGSV has been rumored to be constructed for over 45million Norwegian crone $9million. The SGSV is one of Norway's most anticipated projects of our generation and is without a doubt mind breaking. Here are a few citations about the websites that connect back to the research.

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Narrative- For the narrative essay, I did not use many forms of research to make the story. The only research element other than my brain is the a few references from my expository essay to make sure I spelled Svalbard Global Seed Vault correctly and other tedious words. The narrative is a purely fictional story regarding the seed vault and a couple coming from California. The fictional story focuses more on the adventure the two main character's have Adam and Sally. They gain golden tickets from a newly opened post office, later being stolen by a strange bald man that is carrying deadly toxins and Adam gets into trouble with the bald man, than being eaten alive by his own creation when the Toxin touches the seed and turns into a vicious plant monster that eats and kills the mysterious bald man while Adam is running for his life. But don't worry Adam and Sally escape safe and sound and return to California living happily with each other.

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Visual-The Visual Element is an element portraying the effects of natural disasters and how the small earthly population came together again after the help of the SGSV. The SGSV has literally every seed known to existence, so if a apocalypse were to break out than humanity would still have a chance of survival because of the seed-vault. The visual element describes a bunch of homes being destroyed by many tornadoes. The second scene describes a large amount of trees being destroyed and scattered around the prairie, as well as countless destroyed homes and the building itself the SGSV. A small man survived the apacaoplyse but was very hungry and weak. He needed immediate care, so he built a few homes around his area and grew many kinds of food to keep him healthy and strong. With the help of the SGSV the man was bale to live in after-earth with the power of the SGSV. There were no sources, on the visual element as well as textual evidence.

Choice Element-The choice element is mainly a video. The video had many sources like my expository essay. The choice element used many glow in the dark words to make an attempt to grab the reader's attention. It also has texual evidence from the expository essay, books and articles I have found all over the Internet. The choice element is talking about what the seed vault is and who funded for it. The vault has well over 3milliom seeds and was primarily funded by Bill and Melinda Gates. It was also funded by the Govt. of Norway and is used too restore life after a Pre-Apacolypse. There were a few pictures as well used in the video which gave away a better understanding of how the SGSV looked like and how it performed.

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