Block One: KeeAnne Miles


Discovered by Jöns Jacob Berzelius in 1824 by heating up potassium and washing away the extra residual. Silicon is found in the sun and stars Silicon is readily available through the treatment of silica and graphite in an electric furnace. Silicon makes up 25.7 percent of the of the earth's crust by weight. Silicon has three stable isotopes. Today Silicon can be produced by heating sand with carbon to a temperature of 2200°C.

The day in the life of silicon.

Today, I was born. Well not born but created. How? Well a few people in aprons and goggles heated up some sand with carbon at a scorching 2200 degrees. After this process I appeared. I was shiny , hard and new. A few hours later I had my graduation from hard to soft. I was boiled at 3538 degrees into a squishy, soft, clear matter. The people that created me said I'd be used soon to make someone very happy. I was finally going to find out my purpose. Well I was shipped to a place I cant read so i don't know what the sign said. I was placed in a room and soon I was placed inside someones body. As I lay around in side this new person I realized my purpose was to create.