Horrendous Hurricanes of History

AJ Whipple


Disastrous event

Sentence: The plane, gray with lots of windows, had a catastrophic crash.


Horrifying, or terrible.

Sentence: The hurricane made a horrendous storm tearing down buildings and flipping cars.


A system of winds rotating inward to an area of low pressure.

Sentence: Cyclones may produce spinning storms called tornadoes.

How Hurricanes Form.

In warm weather a large swirling storm with strong winds and lots of water called a tropical cyclone is formed on the warm parts on the ocean. Hurricanes have 5 different levels, 1 2 3 4 and 5, from very dangerous winds to catastrophic damage. In the middle of the hurricane is the eye. Inside of the eye can be clear and sunny but around the eye is very dark and you cant see through it. Hurricanes make lost of water go on to land and create floods.


When I was researching it made me think of a connection to a storm that happened at my house and a tree fell on to or driveway and the power went out for about 2 weeks. Compared to how difficult it was living without power and not being able to shower and not go to the bathroom for a while without a special routine with it, I fell bad for the people that have to go threw a hurricane.


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