Duties of Employers & Employees

Ch 22.2

Duties Owed to Employees

  • Reasonable Treatment -- Employer is to treat employees in a reasonable manner
  • Safe Working Conditions -- Working conditions must not harm health, safety, morals and/or reputation of the employee
  • Fair Labor Standards - FLSA of 1938 - minimum wages, maximum work hours (40 per week, or time and half is owed) - only hourly employees (not salaried)
  • Payroll Deductions - Taxes (Federal and State), Unemployment Insurance
  • Military Service -- many Acts that protect the employee if they are activated to duty; also receive the same level of pay, seniority, and benefits as if they were not on active duty
  • Voting -- Can get time off to vote in primary and general elections
  • Family & Medical Leave - Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) give edible worker up to 12 weeks unpaid (job protected) -- for -- serious illness, care for spouse, child, or parent. Birth or adoption of a child.

Duties Owed to Minors

  • Some work is dangerous and/or harmful for young people
  • Child labor - low wages can take jobs from adults
  • State Laws - max amount of hours, and time of day, no night work.
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Duties Owed to Injured Employees

  • Must be injured during the scope of employment

What are an Empolee's Duties?

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