Kurt Lewin

Change; Life Space; Motivation; Conflict

Background of Kurt Lewin

Kurt Lewin, left Germany when the Nazis consolidated their power. He applied the Gestalt perspective to personality theory and social dynamics and called it "Field Theory." He took gestalt ideas and transformed them into social experience involving people and made them useful in this context. He was a social reformer as well as a psychological theoriest. He is known for recognized the subdiscipline of social psychology and took great interest in the applications of psychology to psychological problems and founded the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, Divsion 9 of the American Psychological Association.

In his "Field Theory" he focuses on change, life space, motivation, and conflict. When this is over you will be a changed person that has a great life space with new super powers to avoid conflict because you were motivated by this flyer.


Change can come in many different forms; personal life; work life; social life you name it. The most important aspect of change is knowing how too.

When it comes to the understanding organizational change Kurt Lewin back created a great model in the the 1950s, and still holds true today. His model is known as Unfreeze – Change – Refreeze, refers to the three-stage process of change he describes. Lewin, a physicist as well as social scientist, explained organizational change using the analogy of changing the shape of a block of ice.



There three types of conflict;

Approach-approach conflict

When a person wants two goals at the same time, but has to choose like; when you have your mind set on a graduate program and then you are accepted but you get accepted by two graduate programs. This is everyone's story

Avoidance-avoidance conflict

When somebody is repelled by two not so attractive goals at the same time like; when you have to get a job or you won't be able to keep the lights on in the house.

Approach-avoidance conflict

This is when you only have one dang goal but you have mixed feelings about it. So if you have GUCCI taste but a Ford Escort Budget you might want to get the regular belt from Kohls. This is a true story. My oldest son is in college and he decided he was going to get a $300 Gucci belt with his financial aide money but doesn't have a job, car and the list goes on.