Digital Citizenship: cyber bullying

The problem of cyber bullying

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is the act of a child harassing, tormenting, humiliating, embarrassing, or targeting another child through the use of the internet, mobile phone or other digital device.

Teens and Cyberbullying

How Teens Cyberbully

  • spread lies and rumors online
  • pretend to be other people online to trick others
  • send hurtful text messages
  • post pictures of other people with out their permission

Why do teens cyberbully?

  • They think it is funny
  • They do not think it is a big deal
  • They are encouraged by their peers
  • They think everyone does it
  • They do not think about the consequences

How cyberbullying affects teens

Some victims in cyber bullying have reacted in positive ways such as:
  • reporting the bully to the website monitor
  • blocking communication with the individual
  • deleting the messages with out reading them
Still others have reacted in negative ways after feeling angry, hurt, embarrassed and/or scared. These include:
  • seek revenge on the bullies
  • avoid friends and activities
  • cyber bully back

How can teens prevent cyber bullying

  • refuse to pass along hurtful messages
  • do not communicate with cyber bullies/block their messages
  • tell your friends not to cyber bully
  • report cyber bullying to an adult you trust
  • raise awareness of cyber bullying and how the negative affects it has on kids


Here are some resources that provides more information on cyber bullying, how to prevent cyber bullying, what to do when you or someone you know are being cyber bullied and a link to a quiz that checks your online behavior.
Cyber Bullying