Animal Rights

by: Jessica Headrick

Animal rights

You walk in, you hear loud whimpering coming from a room in the back. The whimpering gets louder and louder, Then stops. A dog has just been euthanize. This happens a lot in kill shelters. These shelters usually give the animals a short amount of time before euthanize it. Some animals are euthanize within hours of being “saved,” while others are giving months. No kill shelters and different activists are trying to change that and make a difference for all these animals.

Kill Shelters

The definition of a no kill shelter is “A no-kill shelter is most widely defined as an animal shelter where 90% of all animals received are not euthanize. Ideally, No Kill would mean all “adoptable” and “treatable” animals are saved and only “un-adoptable” or “non-rehabilitate” animals are euthanize, but 90% is the threshold.” according to Google. This definition does NOT apply to kill shelters. Although kill shelters take animals in off the streets, if they are not adopted, they will probably be euthanize. Even worse they use excuses they use to euthanize them are abhorrent. They use excuses like “It’s not cute enough,” “It’s not young enough” “We don’t have room” etc. If they can’t take care of the animal, then they should give it to a no-kill shelter, or to an organization that can take care of them. In addition to euthanize most of their animals, a greater addition of kill shelters only see the animal as a profit.

No Kill shelter

No-Kill shelters are a better place for animals to be util adoption. No kill shelters give a temporary home to animals that have had a rugged past such as being homeless, abused, or a hoarding victim. These shelters either keep the animals until they are adopted, or they give them to an organization or another no-kill shelter that can. Animals that are saved and taken to a no-kill shelters have found their safe haven. As a result they are given another chance at life, love, and happiness. Adopting from a no-kill shelter benefits the animal and the people who adopt. Therefore the animals get a tremendous new home, and the new owners get a great new pet is is every so often trained.

Animal activists

These two teens, aren't like normal teens, they are making a difference in their community every day. One of the activists, Bianca, was a really big help to a local shelter in her town. She started a fundraiser and raised over $1,000. Some of the fundraisers she did were a beach clean up, and fundraiser called pennies for paws, a walk- a - thon to help black animals get adopted, and so much more. Bianca said “The Whole reason I started hearts for animals is because you all inspired me to and gave me the confidence to do so.” We gave her strength and confidence, and she took that strength and give it to the animals. Bianca also said “I don’t know where I would be without going through this experience.” Lou Wenger is another teen activists. He as well volunteers at a local shelter. The shelter he volunteers at is called Baldwin Park Animal Shelter. Like Bianca, Lou has also done a lot to help animals in his community. Lou started a facebook page called “kids help against animal cruelty” to try and help motivate teens to try and help motivate teens to help with animal rights. Lou said that most teens are more likely to listen to a pupil, rather than an adult lecture on, and on about “saving the animals, and doing the right thing”

Help The animals!

Kill shelters are a massive problem. These shelters see the animals as a profit, and if the animals aren't adopted then a lot of times their euthanized. While kill shelters can be horrid, no kill shelters give animals with a rough past a safe place, and another chance at life, love, and happiness. no kill shelters and activists are doing everything in their power to stop euthanizing in kill shelters. Now think about all the animals that are euthanized each day. Stand up, speak out, and help the animals!