Brooklyn Neal

Life is too short. Smile while you still have teeth.

Describe something you did yesterday..

Yesterday, I just stayed home with my family, watched netflix, talked to my friends and ate ice cream all day. I usually don't do a lot on the weekends, unless I go to spend the night with a friend.

Something you do well..

Something I do well is I can sing okay, I mean I don't get bad comments. I do cheerleading & I'm okay with that, I try to keep my grades at a straight A level, or B's. I can sleep for good amount of time and I can eat forever. I can make people laugh.

Something about your childhood..

I loved to be active a lot and be outside, I was fun to be around, or so I've been told, I liked to make things my own, and just be myself. I always enjoyed singing and entertaining people, I loved hanging out with my family. I just always looked on the bright side of life

Something about you LEARNED last week..

Something last week I learned would probably be more prepared for the exams, because I feel like I didn't study enough for them and I learned to not to give up so quickly. Because I also feel that I didn't try in the end, I just gave up & guessed.
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Something you can't live without..

Things I can't live without is music, movies, my friends, the beach, Starbucks. I really like music it helps me describe my feelings, movies keep me occupied, my friends help me get through my problems, the beach is my happy place and Starbucks is my favorite place to go to anytime, anywhere.

Something you love to watch and listen to..

I love to watch Dance Moms, that is like my all time favorite show. I don't know why it's so entertaining, I like to watch them dance because these girls are only 9-14 years old and they are dancing like 17 year olds, well some, because they still have time to grow but I like to listen to pop songs, stuff that's playing on the radio.
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Something you dislike..

Something I dislike is people who think they are better than any other person, someone who's rude, someone who's got a big mouth, I don't like math or bananas, and I don't like when someone's in my business & I don't like hypocrites, I hate headaches, I hate spiders.