E-Faculty Meeting

February 16, 2016

Upcoming Events


15th- No School

16th- WIDA/ACCESS testing-Kindergarten, 1st-5th- Computer Lab

17th- WIDA/ACCESS testing

Electronic Team Leader Meeting

No Grade Level Planning

Demographic page-turn in to Mrs. Kidd

18th- No testing- Brooke Claridge will be unavailable

3:45-Crisis Meeting

3:45 - New Teacher Training at the DSC

19th- Make up WIDA/ACCESS testing

Fun Food Friday- Dessert Bar- Death By Chocolate

RTI/Student Collaboration-Mrs. Chandler will provide schedule

*** MARK YOUR CALENDARS- PTO is doing a school picture with all students and staff. ALL kindergarten students will attend in the p.m.

Important Items....

  • Feb.16th-18th Week Ahead was copied on the back of last weeks
  • Please be flexible with WIDA/ACCESS testing-remember this is our first year administering this test. 2nd computer lab will be occupied for testing. Mrs. Diaz will not be available on the days she is helping with testing.
  • Congratulations Mrs. Christensen, Elias and her 5th grade class. They won the Region 4 Sumdog math contest and will receive a years subscription to the Premiere Sumdog App. Way to go!!!
  • Please e-mail notes to Mrs. Kidd from your Grade Level Planning meetings since we are not attending this week. Don't forget the Demographics page needs to be finished Wednesday so Mrs. Kidd can compile the data for the upcoming School Board Meeting.
  • New Teachers-Your training will be this week at the DSC-3:45
  • February 19th will be an RTI Collab- please make every effort to complete your RTI forms by that meeting
  • February 24th- During your Grade Level Planning- Lori Piccolo from Imagine Learning will be coming to show us how to use Imagine Learning in our classrooms and what is available for all of our learners. Please bring a laptop or iPad. We will meet in Mrs. Chandler's Collab room.
  • February 25th- the PTO is going to have a Movie Day for the top carnival ticket sellers. They are planning a whole group movie.
  • At our last Administrators Meeting Dr. Cox asked us to share with our staff.... Any device purchased outside of the districts tech plan will not be supported by the school district. For example: Chrome Books, Kindles, etc. The district will not support loss, damage, replacement, etc.

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101 Days of School was a BLAST!!!