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BOA Grand Nationals: By Parents, for Parents

MANDATORY Parent meeting!

MANDATORY Parent meeting re: BOA Grand Nationals travel!

EVERYONE must attended! Follow this event on Facebook.

Monday, November 7th, 6:30pm, JHS Cafeteria


Four more days and we will be heading out for Grand Nationals! These students have worked so hard to get ready for what has been deemed the "Super Bowl" of marching competitions! They will be tested by the long commute, the cold weather, and the fierce competition but I am confident that they will do what they have shown us all semester - they will rise! And so too should we! Those of us traveling will get tested by this and more! Those of you staying will get tested by helping make sure your child have everything they need before they leave and then not seeing them for five days. (I promise you that our Moe and Gene army will keep an eye on all of them!)

Let's all stay positive and promote excitement. Our students are going to get very anxious as the date of departure draws closer and they will need our guidance and support - and we will need it from each other too!

Which brings me to giving a BIG THANK YOU to the volunteers who dedicated time to make this trip happen! Whether you volunteered to pin beads to show tops, fix feather, sew flags, build props, or move equipment, your contribution matters! This AMAZING production would not be possible without each and every one of you!

THANK YOU to our volunteers who dedicated A LOT of time into planning meals, purchasing sides and snacks, and the logistics of traveling uniforms. I want to give a special thank you to Carmen Sifuentes, Sheryl Powell, Meredith Reichmann, and Michelle Flores who have dedicated many hours to planning and managing this trip with me.

No one has ever heard of a band traveling to Grand Nationals and not one student had to pay additional fees in order to attend...until us! Against All Odds!


Ida Musgrove


Moe and Gene Johnson Band Boosters



Includes hotel address, medication information, code of conduct parents are expected to review with their student!


View the ITINERARY for BOA Grand Nationals!

Please keep in mind that this itinerary can and will change as needed. Please be flexible, patient, and understanding!

Upon arrival at JHS, students will still need to put away instruments and properly turn in their uniforms. Boosters can always use help unloading the Gold instrument trailer and/or turning in uniforms! The more help, the faster it is all done! Please feel free to walk on up and jump in! None of it is hard and we are always happy to help you learn!

ROOMING LISTS: Wyndham Indianapolis West

There are three separate rooming lists:

  1. student
  2. non-student
  3. directors/techs
See them HERE!



**Note about "Sandwich Saturday". Because we do not know whether we will make finals or what time or when we might get to eat lunch and dinner that day, we have planned for sandwiches because they keep better than warm food.

Students will be expected to use their cash/prepaid card wisely but, please know, that parents and directors will not be 'policing' students about their meals. If you have concerns about whether or what your child eats, we encourage you to have those discussions before we depart.

The meal plan crew have priced meals at the stadium, the mall, and Buccee's, and we are confident that the allotments provided will more than suffice for each meal. Should you want your child to eat larger sized meals, please feel free to send them with additional money. Please keep in mind that Lucas Oil is a cash free stadium.


Our meal plan crew has worked VERY hard on pulling this together. It takes A LOT to feed 240 people - especially in another state! Therefore, I ask that you be supportive of this small group of parents who have taken on this very large task to feed our children and do not complain about the meal plan. If you are concerned about what in particular your child will choose to eat, please speak to your child.

Thanks in advance,


BOA Grand Nationals: Competition Schedule

Prelims schedule

Moe and Gene JHS perform at 8:45 am (ET) / For fans back at home, that is 7:45 am (CT)

* Semi-Finals schedule will be released after Prelim awards

Daily Schedule

Letter from BOA to director and boosters


Boosters will have bottled water and gatorades for competition times. Otherwise, please bring a large water bottle/jug to fill in the convention center (like the band & guard).

Meals: All adults will be responsible for their own meals with the following exceptions: On Saturday, Pit Crew will be fed with students as we don’t know what kind of time we will have available. On Sunday, on our way back to Buda, there is a stop at Whataburger for lunch. A fan bus parent will help facilitate orders for our fan bus riders who would like to eat Whataburger. Otherwise, please plan accordingly.

Assignments: remember to make sure you are on the correct tab!


BOA performance flow map

Site overview map

Important event procedures



ICC information


For emergencies, contact Mr. Lucita via Remind or Ida Musgrove at 512-422-3857.

  • Pit Crew will communicate via the Pit Crew GroupMe only for logistical purposes.
  • Meal Plans will communicate via the Meal Plans GroupMe.
  • Directors will communicate to the students and larger community via Remind101
  • Please direct all questions, pictures, other communications to our Jaguar Band Facebook Grand Nationals event page.

Reminder of things you would want to know...

  • You are welcome to send your student with snacks and money. You are also welcome to purchase food items for them. Just remember that band and guard members eat only when they are NOT in uniform.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a blanket and pillow on long trips!
  • Any electronic device that provides audio will be permitted only with earphones.
  • There will be plenty of opportunities for you to take pictures of your child AFTER they compete. Directors just ask that when they are in "competition mode" (i.e. if they are walking in twos or getting ready for warm-up or competition) that you do not call out their names and ask them to pose. This is why we have volunteer photographers. They have rules they follow to not disturb the band while they are in "competition mode" and they have lenses that allow them not to be so close to the students while they are in this mode.
  • Please continue to respect 'team moments' such as when the directors are speaking to the students or the SLT are conducting the PRIDE yell.
  • Saturday will be a long day. Make sure your student is hydrating well on Friday!
  • Friendly reminder that the boosters no longer provide medications such as Tylenol or Benadryl. If you believe your student may be in need of these items, please have them pack it. Students should not share medications.


Cashless Building

Lucas Oil Stadium is a cashless building. There will be two (2) cash-to-card machines located on the concourse at Section 132 and Section 145.

Driving Directions