Munz's Weekly Update

Week of May 2nd, 2016

Insect Expo

Your child was assigned an insect group last week!! They are very excited to get started on their research.

The second grade teachers are finalizing the details for our Insect Expo. This event will be held on May 25th. Information regarding time and location will be sent home this week. There is an at-home project required for this event. Those details will be provided this week as well.

End-of-year Assessments

I am in the process of conducting your child's end-of-the-year assessments and compiling their recent NWEA scores. I will send home this information once completed.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

May 6th--Eagle Creek Fieldtrip permission slips AND money are due

May 19th---Fieldtrip to Eagle Creek

May 20th--Field Day

May 25th--Insect Expo

May 26th--Last Day of School


Next week will be the last Homework Calendar. This week I am sending subtraction practice. Just like addition, I am asking the children to solve the equations and record as much of their thinking as possible using words, pictures, number sentences (equations), etc. One equation does not show thinking.....however, a string of equations showing the steps they used, DOES show their thinking.

Have a Great Week!