Global Warming

by: Brooke.M

Global warming is a type of greenhouse effect. It is created by carbon dioxide, burning fossil fuels, and deforestation, the heat from these things gets trapped in the earth atmosphere creating global warming. It effects the North and South Pole and everywhere in between. It causes more rain and snowfall across the globe.

Canada's Involvement

Canada is involved with global warming in many ways. One way Canada helps is by protecting lands and species from global warming. The main problem that causes global warming is fossil fuels. That’s why Canada is also helping to create cars that use 50% less fuel. The Canadian government invested more than $10 billion in cleaner fuels and energy efficiency. Canada is also helping to improve water quality across Canada.

Effects Of Global Warming In The Future

Global warming will have a lot more effects in the future. If global warming continues the effects will be much stronger. For example, hurricanes and other storms are likely to become stronger. Floods and drought will become more common. And, less fresh water will be available. Also, if global warming continues, some species will have to move farther north because it will become much colder because of the increased snowfall. The species that don’t move further, are likely to become extinct

Ways To Stop/Prevent Global Warming

There actually can be many ways to stop/prevent global warming. One way is to use less hot water because it takes a lot of energy to create. Another way to stop global warming is to not let heat escape from your home over a long period of time. The final way is to recycle, when you recycle you are saving carbon dioxide.

In conclusion, global warming is a type greenhouse effect. It affects all parts of the world and most species. Because of global warming there is more carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere then there was at any point and last 800,000 years. Canada has invested a lot of money towards preventing global warming and is still fighting towards stopping global warming.


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Global Warming 101
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