career cluster: Health Science by Ammana Ahmed

My future career

My reason for choosing this career is...

I LOVE helping others and it was like a dream since I was two years old.

Training and Educaton

Training & education required for this job...

You need a doctoral or professional degree and you need a internship training.

Work environment

What is the work environment like...

They work indoors (hospitals) in small groups of doctors and nurses. Most surgeons have their personal office and usually where professional suits with white coats and a name tag.

Job description

Job description

The salary is $90.00 per hour/$395,456 per year. The growth opportunity in 2016 is 14% more faster then average and so are promotions. Some responsibilities are doing surgery, taking patients medical history, updating charts/medical info, recommending and designing a plan of treatment, helping patients take care of their health