Most Stressful Jobs

By: Tabitha Lyle

Most Stessful Job- Top 10

  1. Enlisted Military Personnel
  2. Military General
  3. Firefighter
  4. Airline Pilot
  5. Event Coordinator
  6. Public Relations Executive
  7. Senior Corporate Executive
  8. Newspaper Reporter
  9. Police Officer
  10. Taxi Driver

Median Wages or Salary

  1. Enlisted Military Personnel- $29,000
  2. Military General- $196,000
  3. Firefighter- $45,000
  4. Airline Pilot - $114,000
  5. Event Coodinator - $46,000
  6. Public Relations Executive- $54,000
  7. Senior Corporate Executive- $168,00
  8. Newspaper Reporter - $36,000
  9. Police Officer- $55,000
  10. Taxi Driver - $23,000

Military Personnel

They risk thier lives for our country and to save us. They protect their country and their families and the other people in the country.

Military General

They have to train the incoming military personnels and get then ready for the field. They have a lot of stress put on them and they probably have health problems from that.


Firefighters have to risk their life everyday to put out fires in homes, buildings, and other places, and they go into the burning building if people are still in there. They have a dangerous job to do. Firefights have to be fast and prepared when ever there is a fire.

Airline Pilot

Airline Pilot

Event Coordinator

Events Coordinator are stressed out because they have a dead line for when the event needs to be done. They have to please the clients so they will come back and recomminded you to other people. They have to get it just perfect to please the eye.

Public Relation Executive

Public Relations Executive Public manage the information between organisations or individuals and the general public. They promote their clients to their intended audiences through news items, press releases and product placements.

Senior Corporate Executive

A long standing and top ranking member of the management of an orgonizations. In the business world, a typical senior executive is well respected within their company and has either been well educated in business matters or has worked their way up through the ranks of their company to gain an extensive range of experience.

Newspaper Reporter

They have to be better than any other rteporter to get a story and to be noticed. They stay up late to work on the article and story for the paper on time.

Police Officer

Police officers have be careful and know there surroundings when they go out on a call.

They risk there lives to take bad people off the streets and out of the community.They have to know how to save someone when they get shot. They have tp be perpared where ever they go.

Taxi Driver

Taxi Drivers have to deal with rude people. The taxi driver has to deal with people that may have weapons with them and are threated. They have to get the people there on time so they don't get grumpy.Taxi Drivers hav eto sit in the car all day.