Angel or Devil?

Andrew Jacksonn


Andrew Jackson was a hero because he got the common people involved with the government. This helped because it got everyone into controlling the government and not just the rich.

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On the other hand Jackson was a villain because of what he did to the Indians. He didn't even consider the Indians or any other ideas than to remove them.

Praised or not?

I think Jackson should be mainly praised and rarely not. Most things he did, except for the Indian Removal, were very good for the country.

Support of Democracy

I think Jackson supported democracy very well. He got the common people involved in the government. He also took down the bank which benefited the rich at the expense of the poor. He also let new people join the government resulting in roles not being lifetime. The only thing undemocratic he did was the Indian Removal. It was undemocratic because he didn't consider the Native Americans.